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Social Media Angel Summer School Workshop

During the Summer School Workshop I will... 

  • Help you get clear on what, why and where you are doing social media.
  • Help you get organised - creating a personalised content plan during the workshop.
  • Help you get strategic with your content and conversation - what do you want it do for you?
  • Talk about content types and content creation - strengths, weaknesses, fears, hurdles and the sh!t that gets in the way...  plus the apps and tools I use -  how to power play some teamwork action AND how to work with your strengths, skills and joy.
  • Understand analytics and how they can help you reach more people and understand your tribe.
  • Discuss what and when to schedule content and what and when to be in real time PLUS how to make it ALL feel authentic.
  • Look at how to create simple Facebook / Instagram ads / boosts and what, why and when to spend £.
  • And most importantly discover the best ways for you to ENJOY social media, be INSPIRED by it, LEARN from it while making MONEY/ reaching GOALS with it! 

PLUS my buddy G-Love - rock star spiritual teacher -  will start and finish the session with a meditation to get you in the right head space to create social media magic.... 

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