Social media coaching and support for heart based, conscious businesses, spiritual entrepreneurs, authors and experts. 

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✨Katie Brockhurst  ✨ Social Media Angel ✨

Katie is the go-to consultant for leading Mind Body Spirit Publisher Hay House UK and many of their authors. 

Her clients include ascension expert and best selling author Diana Cooper, New York Times best seller Sonia Choquette plus well known authors and experts in the field Dr David Hamilton, Lisa Lister, Kyle Gray, Rebecca Campbell, Yasmin Boland & F**k It's John Parkin to name a few. 

Katie recently spoke at the Hay House Writers Workshop and gave a workshop at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London. 

You’re amazing Katie. I will recommend you to anyone. You give so much value. I love that your approach has personality and you’re not copying any kind of regurgitated strategy. You have the gift of being able to identify personal branding and core messaging. This reflects in how you consult and your ideas for original campaigns.
— Claudia Sphar - Founder of Holy Mama, Hay House Author.

Creation Story...

My clients & tribe kept telling me that I needed share my unique way of doing social media with more people, so I created this 4 week journey, a social media circle, to help guide those that needed support and clarity for the ever growing, ever changing but ever important digital dimension that is social media.  

I approach social media in an intuitive way, a way that I have developed over the past 15 years working in broadcast and digital media.  Read more about my story here. 

Working in social media from it's infancy, I have helped hundreds if not thousands of people from popstars to princesses (true story!) create and share content, build communities and audiences. 

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Katie’s soulful & authentic approach to social media is unique & refreshing in a world where likes and followers rule. With Katie’s guidance I reconnected with the soul of my online presence & learned to micromanage the energy and intention I’m putting into my posts. I wholeheartedly recommend Katie, she truly is my Social Media Angel.
— Christine Wheeler, EFT Tapping Expert, Hay House Author The Tapping Solution for Teenage Girls

What happens in Social Media Angel School

I will tell you what I think about the ever evolving social media landscape and guide you through what I know and use to grow a thriving platform in a way that supports you and your unique business and tribe.

Social Media Angel School is a year old and like the social media platforms it is also evolving and I am always iterating (you will learn more about this strategy and why its important).

There is a private Facebook Group,  I will from time to time arrange some Facebook Live Q&A sessions,  plus guest interviews with authors and experts from my client roster.  You can book with a 121 skype coaching call, with me, to discuss strategy, content, delivery or whatever it is you need to help you move forward with your social media.

I thought this class would be hard or require lots of work. Yet one simple reminder to be mindful of our energy has shifted things. My numbers are growing and the people sticking around & engaging are mirroring my energy as well.
— Theresa, Wings of Light Healing

To see if Social Media Angel School has the right vibe for you here is a free class from Content Creation week for you to watch…  

To get a more detailed insight into what we do during Social Media Angel School here is a breakdown of the topics and activities we will get into...  

The content is pre-recorded so you can do it at your own pace, move forward, get behind, catch up - everyone has their own rhythm - I will post new content as I create it to the group so you can watch it there or catch up in Home School. 

Strategy, Intentions & Energy


✨ Strategy Questionnaire

✨ Strategy Social Media Angel Nudge Extra 

✨ The 4 Intentions with guest coach Helena Holrick  

✨  Platforms & where to place your energy


Doing the questionnaire gave me so much clarity
— Tamara Wolf Sister

Content Creation

✨ Branding & Graphics workshop with Huw Mathias 

✨ Exploring Content Creation (watch as free class above)

✨ Conversation on Creating Videos with Lisa Lister 

✨ Content Case Study & Meditations  with Gail Love Schock. 

✨ Commitment & Accountability 

✨ Your Vibe & Content Creation

✨ Getting Comfy with Your Message 

✨Understanding how your content gets seen

Ever since your course, I’ve used social media as an extension of myself, focussing solely on service. It’s been bliss.
— Kathryn Pearson - Teen Yoga & EFT Teacher / Author
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Getting Organised

✨ Getting Organised and Planning

✨ Scheduling your content 

✨ Authentic campaigns interview with author Lisa Lister 

✨ Recycling Your Content 

✨ Outsourcing 

Katie guides, teaches and coaches in real human terms... not with buzz words and jargon but with the words and descriptions that make everything completely understandable and do‐able.
— Ceryn
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Building Your Tribe & Social Selling

✨ Building your Tribe organically on Instagram with Tara La Due

✨ How to create a simple post boost on Facebook screen flow

✨ Facebook Ads Expert Insight Session

✨ Making people aware of your products and what you offer

✨ Mindful Selling with TED speaker & sales expert Anis Quizilbash

✨ When to spend money on ads and boosts


What I loved most was how Katie encouraged me to take social media out of the technical/marketing arena & into a more emotional, relationship‐building one, which made it all more approachable, fun & ultimately more effective!
— George Lizos. Author, Coach & Unicorn

Bonus Content

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✨ 30 minute Hay House UK Writers Workshop Talk (practice run)

✨ Spiritual Social Media with Diana Cooper

✨ She Stories Insights with Lisa Lister

✨ Communication with business coach Sue Farmer 

✨ Meditations & Be Gone Fear webinar with Gail Love Schock

“Katie has engaging professionalism, a client list that blows my mind & clearly a skill set that is second to none. Mix this with her soulful, sparkly unicorn energy (she totally feels like your bestie when you watch her videos!) and you have the ultimate combo!
— Momoko, Numerology Readings & Spiritual Coaching

If Home School with a 121 isn't what you need it is available as a stand alone product,  you can then book a 121 separately if you want some time with me to work on your strategy.

Bonus Video

😇👊🏽 Creating Content to Connect...